Make the World (and the Internet) Less Shitty.

There’s enough underwhelming creative stinking up the planet as it is. We have absolutely no desire to add to it. We create art, design and storytelling that doesn’t just sell but is awful damn pretty to look at, too.

Earth is Bigger Than New York.

If Manchester United, a powerhouse in international football, represents over 38 nationalities, why shouldn’t we? Blacksmith employs brilliant creative talent all around the world––from Brooklyn, New York to Karlskrona, Sweden.

One Plus One Equals Three.

From our experience, we’ve found the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Extraordinary creative happens when great creative talent rubs shoulders with wickedly smart clients. We facilitate those shoulder rubs.

What’s Best for the Creative is Best––Period.

We constantly ask: “what’s best for the creative?” answers to this question have led us to work across 24 time zones, build temporary workspaces in the desert and construct render farms in Scandinavia.

Nimble as a Housecat. Brawny as a Bullmoose.

Our clients are already great. We just make it easier for them to be great. Blacksmith is a motion design, 3D dev & video arm for brands of all shapes and sizes. We’re nimble enough to fill in the gaps, brawny enough to lift the whole load.

High Headcounts Lead to Guillotines.

Headcount isn’t a KPI. It’s a vanity metric we’re all paying for now. Blacksmith chooses to grow slowly and intentionally. We measure success in great creative projects shipped rather than the number of creatives employed.

We Remember What We See Feel.

We see to it that your customers are covered in goosebumps, bellied over laughing or reaching for the tissues. Why? Because we don’t remember the creative we see. We remember the creative we feel.

Stagnation is The Only Sin.

We aren’t a studio but a brand––a brand that will one day stretch beyond motion design, 3d dev and video and into film, music and fashion. We’re building a brand that will become a cultural phenomenon, to better help yours do the same.

Innovate, Consciously.

Being consciously innovative is about being thankful for what has worked today without assuming it’ll work tomorrow. Today, motion design, 3D dev & video works wonders for our clients. Tomorrow, that might be teleportation.

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